New Zealand Classic Car - - Contents - By David Cass

Clues across: 4. Fer­rari V8 pro­duced from 1980 to ’93, though I pre­fer to re­mem­ber the mid-’50s 2.0-litre sports-racer from which it took its name (7) 8. Fi­bre­glass-bod­ied Stude­baker sports car, in­tro­duced in 1962 and sev­eral times re­vived since then (6) 9. Upholstery ma­te­rial of choice for most up-mar­ket clas­sic cars (7) 10. Great Moné­gasque driver, win­ner in Grand Prix rac­ing, sports cars, and in­ter­na­tional ral­lies in a long rac­ing ca­reer (6) 11. Model name for a mid-size Nissan pro­duced in eight se­ries from 1968 through to 2002 (6) 12. Small early ’60s rear- en­gined Hino sa­loon and coupé, the lat­ter a rather cute lit­tle job at least as smart as any­thing Euro­pean at that time (8) 18. Up­mar­ket Cadil­lac per­sonal lux­ury car, which had a near-50-year model run from 1953 (8) 20. Late 1960s / early ’70s New Zealand at­tempt at bring­ing the Anadol/ Re­liant sa­loon car into pro­duc­tion for the lo­cal mar­ket (6) 21. The set­ting of a mech­a­nism or set of mech­a­nisms so it op­er­ates at the right in­stant of time (6) 22. The clas­sic Si­cil­ian cir­cuit used for the Targa Flo­rio road race through to 1973 (7) 23. Ford UK’S small sa­loon, built in four main se­ries from 1939 through to 1967 (6) 24. Lat­er­ally mounted ad­di­tion to a mo­tor­cy­cle, used for car­riage of ex­tra pas­sen­ger(s) or oc­ca­sion­ally goods (7).

Clues down: 1. British com­pany that mar­keted an elec­tri­cally ac­ti­vated over­drive sys­tem to raise the gear­ing of many clas­sic ve­hi­cles (7) 2. Model name for the US Chrysler/ Ply­mouth com­pact sedan in­tro­duced in 1960, which be­came a ma­jor mar­que name in the Aussie mar­ket (7) 3. The dis­tance be­tween the high­est and low­est points reached by the pis­ton mov­ing in the cylin­der (6) 5. Early US au­to­mo­bile com­pany that be­came an im­por­tant name­plate when Willys took over the com­pany in 1908 (8) 6. Nissan’s mar­que name from 1933 un­til a grad­ual change to Nissan in­ten­si­fied in the 1980s (6) 7. Model name used by AC in the late 1920s / early ’30s (6) 13. Fiat 600D–based cabrio built by Au­to­bianchi in 1964–’65, re­placed in the mar­ket by Fiat’s suc­cess­ful 850 sporties (8) 14. Model name for Fiat’s Type 508 sa­loon and sports car built from 1932 to 1937 (7) 15. Clas­sic British mo­tor­bike firm, spe­cial­iz­ing in flat-twin de­signs and briefly a car-maker from 1913 to 1922 (7) 16. Specialist en­gine builder, orig­i­nally founded in Italy but bet­ter known per­haps for its British branch’s as­so­ci­a­tion with sev­eral clas­sic UK vin­tage mar­ques (6) 17. Spe­cial Miche­lin wheels fit­ted to some just-pre-war mod­els of the Citroën Trac­tion Avant (6) 19. A good can­di­date for odd­est car com­pany name is All­days and ------, ac­tive in Bri­tain in the early 20th cen­tury (6).

Answers to last month’s cross­word, No. 308 Across: 4. Ad­vance 8. Rocket 9. Vincent 10. Eleven 11. Aer­lux 12. Ac­ci­dent 18. Dauphine 20. Ur­raco 21. Singer 22. Kap­i­tan 23. At­tila 24. Gear­box Down: 1. Free­way 2. Ac-delco 3. Leg­end 5. Dai­hatsu 6. As­cari 7. Con­sul 13. El­do­rado 14. King­pin 15. Bearcat 16. Ari­ane 17. Napier 19. Points

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