New Zealand Classic Car - - Readers’ Writes - Terry Mikkelsen Thank you for the info, Terry. The Cus­tom For­dor was in­deed as­sem­bled in New Zealand. How­ever, we were re­fer­ring to the Ford Cus­tom Deluxe Con­vert­ible in the story. AFW

Thank you for keep­ing turn­ing out a splen­did mag­a­zine. I would just like to of­fer some com­ments on the ’51 Ford ar­ti­cle in the Septem­ber is­sue [ No. 333]. The com­men­tary states “These mod­els were as­sem­bled in the US, Canada, and some even in Aus­tralia — it is likely that most of those that found their way here came from Aus­tralia.”

Ac­tu­ally, the 1951 Ford Cus­tom For­dor was also as­sem­bled at Ford New Zealand’s plant at Seav­iew, Lower Hutt. The CKD (com­pletely knocked down) packs were sourced from Ford Canada, as they could sup­ply right-hand­drive [RHD] ver­sions. From mem­ory, I think four packs of 48 — 192 in to­tal — were im­ported.

Ford Canada and GM [Gen­eral Mo­tors] Canada stopped pro­duc­ing RHD ve­hi­cles in the 1960s. Due to the re­stric­tive im­port li­cens­ing, the car im­ports were to very ba­sic spec­i­fi­ca­tions — three-speed man­ual, no ra­dios or heaters, etc.

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