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What needs to be done to put an end to dan­ger­ous hooning?

■ I think it’s stupid when po­lice crack down on done-up cars like wide wheels and low­ered sus­pen­sion. Wide wheels and thicker tyres is ac­tu­ally more safer and has more grip. It also makes the driver a lot more cau­tious and not do burnouts, cause hon­estly who would want to ruin a good and ex­pen­sive set of wheels. I get it’s tech­ni­cally against the law. But hon­estly, it makes them drive safer and do less, if not any, form of burnouts/ skids. Just my two cents. ■ The two bends on Saun­ders St, El­liott Heads has had at least two cars leave the road­way over a 12 month pe­riod, the most re­cent be­ing a cou­ple of months ago. I usu­ally hear one car­a­van a day lock the brakes up and I’ve lost count of how many times I see the school buses fly around the shop bend. Lately it’s been a bike rider treat­ing Rule St, Saun­ders St and El­liott Heads Rd as a per­sonal racing track. Just wait­ing for the day I get a car or some­thing through the front yard. ■ Crushing cars is wasted econ­omy. The gov­ern­ment would be far bet­ter off sell­ing them to boost money back into the sys­tem to re­duce rates and taxes for the work­ers. Crushing a car won’t stop any­one from do­ing burnouts. Give us car en­thu­si­asts some­where to let out our pas­sion. ■ Around Woon­dooma St is ridicu­lous, the amount of CCTV footage I’ve handed in to po­lice be­cause of id­iots that some­how man­age to get a li­cense handed to them had one driv­ing round every cor­ner side­ways, hit­ting the brakes. Rang po­lice, they came checked the cam­eras got his num­ber plate and I watched him get done up the road from my place by a de­tec­tive who watched him go side­ways round the cor­ner then got him. ■ I’m a car en­thu­si­ast and I don’t get the point of these id­iots burn­ing tyres ev­ery­where. Go to a track guys, there’s plenty of places to do it. You’re wreck­ing it for the rest of us. ■ Get more sup­port for Ca­rina, open it more of­ten like every sec­ond Thurs­day, Fri­day nights. ■ Give them some­where they can safely “have their fun” that does not en­dan­ger the lives of other road users.

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