Mes­sage is just not sink­ing in


THERE is no doubt hooning is a hot topic in our re­gion.

It pops up all the time in po­lit­i­cal de­bates and in our courts.

More of­ten than not, we hear it hap­pen­ing from our homes.

Hooning on our roads ex­em­pli­fies two things – ig­no­rance of con­se­quences and dis­re­gard for others’ safety.

It seems fines, car crushing and mea­sures to make roads safer have done lit­tle to curb this be­hav­iour and it’s hard to know what the an­swer is.

Too of­ten I’ll be go­ing about my busi­ness at home only to be shaken by a car or mo­tor­bike roar­ing down my street at good­ness­knows-what speed.

Per­haps hoons should be made to pick up the pieces at crash scenes.

But would it help? Prob­a­bly not.

Many won’t re­alise how dan­ger­ous their ac­tions are un­til they’re maimed or worse.

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