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Re­ac­tion to the NewsMail re­port­ing on Lach­lan Dempsey be­ing caught in con­trol of a ves­sel while un­der the in­flu­ence of al­co­hol.

■ Whilst I don’t con­done the be­hav­iour I am dis­gusted at the re­port­ing of a mi­nor just be­cause of who his dad is. Shame on you NewsMail. — Linda Pen­ning­ton

■ Jack’s chil­dren are all very nice, well man­nered peo­ple, a real credit to Jack and es­pe­cially his wife, who has been the one at home with the chil­dren while Jack has been do­ing a lot of work for the peo­ple of Qld and Bund­aberg over the years. Most par­ents would have had a child who has made poor choices at some stage, many don’t get caught and have no ma­jor con­se­quences. For those who get caught, at least they don’t get plas­tered all over the news be­cause of the role their fa­ther has in the com­mu­nity. Be­lieve me, I’m sure the young man has been well dis­ci­plined at home over this is­sue (un­like many oth­ers whose par­ents couldn’t care less) and the last thing he needs is a whip­ping by the press too. — Wendy Klein

■ Look, I don’t like Jack for rea­sons I say but I do think his young bloke got the raw prawn treat­ment. He was re­port­edly only in con­trol with a pad­dle for Chris­sake, not un­der me­chan­i­cal power and just a short drift­ing pad­dle to the ramp. Com­pletely over­cooked story in my opin­ion and giv­ing the kid a bad rap.

I do not con­done drink driv­ing of any kind but this is just what night­mares are made of, overzeal­ous id­iots with power thrust upon them.

Com­mon sense would say this could have been ver­bally han­dled at the ramp and a cau­tion­ary ver­bal no­tice given. — Stephen Beiger

■ Well, it hap­pens and as young peo­ple do, this is how they learn lessons some­times... I have made mis­takes as a young per­son and learnt my les­son. Some­times we just learn the hard way and thing is the kid will be dis­ci­plined and most of us just don’t get write ups in the NewsMail... give the man a break. — Nikki Wat­son

■ So let me get this straight, We have a boy who is a tal­ented ALF player, con­trib­utes to so­ci­ety by be­ing in­volved in char­i­ties and is about to be­come a tax­payer by start­ing an ap­pren­tice­ship, had spent some qual­ity time with his brother in a “ves­sel”, en­joy­ing a drink. He slipped up, big deal! Did you re­port on ev­ery teenager at Schoolies? — Barb Wil­liams

■ Me­dia scum just had to let ev­ery­one know that Jack has a nor­mal son like we all have. Have you heard the say­ing...”you can lead a horse to wa­ter but you can­not make him drink”. One can only teach and hope they don’t make mis­takes. But then the me­dia have per­fect kids.

It is not like he is run­ning amok and in the courts weekly. For heaven’s sake bring us some de­cent news in­stead of the crap, you won­der why we don’t buy your pa­per. — Lau­rel Dahlhelm Prince

■ Firstly, he was in a boat not on the road. And hon­estly, any­one with teenagers knows how dif­fi­cult it is to steer them through th­ese years without some drama. How much more dif­fi­cult for a fam­ily in the lime­light be­cause of Dad’s ded­i­ca­tion to our com­mu­nity? He hasn’t raped, com­mit­ted armed rob­bery, or any­thing ma­jor, he had a drink on a boat with his brother at new year, which I sus­pect he will re­gret for a long time. I’ll end by say­ing, happy 2018 to Jack and his fam­ily.

I hope the year im­proves af­ter this crap from NewsMail at the start. Oh and Jack, I hap­pen to think you and your team are do­ing a great job for Bundy. Good on you all. — Lynn C Merry

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