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Bund­aberg Sun­corp cus­tomers are threat­en­ing to leave the fi­nan­cial in­sti­tu­tion al­to­gether af­ter the clo­sure of the Stock­land Bund­aberg branch was an­nounced.

■ The post of­fice can do all that the bank would. Just walk to the other end of the shop­ping cen­tre. No big deal.

— Lisa Lim­pus

■ My Sun­corp ac­count doesn’t have a card, PIN or on­line banking. Part of my pay goes di­rectly in, but I have to go into a branch to with­draw. I set it up that way on pur­pose as a way of forced sav­ing. As I work out near Stock­land, I would have been hap­pier if they had closed the CBD branch.

— Beth Whit­worth

■ The town is dy­ing slowly and the banks of this town know it. You just have to look in the main street to its go­ing that way. There’s no work for peo­ple if you’re over a cer­tain age. If the re­tired peo­ple from other states didn’t come up and live the town would be dead.

— Dar­ren Nel­son

■ I bank with Sun­corp. There re­ally should be no need to change banks be­cause there is a thing called on­line banking.

— Rachel Spencer

■ Yep we are across road from them now and will be chang­ing if they close. We don’t have the time to be stand­ing in mas­sive lines in town with one bank open. It’s crazy and it’s not cus­tomer ser­vice. The lines in town branch are bad enough al­ready.

— Shana Wil­liams

■ Closed down our branch too and it was al­ways full of cus­tomers. Sigh.

— Beverley Jean Mo­ran

■ That is so in­con­ve­nient.

— Michele Trevor Darcy

■ This is re­ally silly! Quite of­ten there is a line up for ser­vice there so it clearly gets used.

— Tilly Tate

■ We opened our ac­count there years ago. Never need the branch. The CBD works the one per cent of the time we need face-to-face oth­er­wise 99 per cent is on­line.

— EmJay Plater

■ They closed down in mary­bor­ough as well

— Molly Bridget Davis

■ The same that hap­pens to Bank of Queens­land four years ago out in that area (the build­ing is still empty and of­fered for lease).

— Ge­orge Nixon

■ Maybe Sun­corp needs to drop their in­surance as they are a rip off now.

— Michelle Smith

■ Bug­ger.

— Mer­lene Burgess

■ Well, I’ll be chang­ing banks.

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