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It was good to see some laughs from Roy Fraser (NM, 26/01).

Let me in­form him of a lot of real facts: we mo­torists pay li­cense fees, rego (in­clud­ing a “traf­fic im­prove­ment fee”), CTP, in my in­surance I pay hos­pi­tal and emer­gency ser­vices levy, just to cite a few.

With the li­cense you must have an un­der­stand­ing of the road rules, with rego we are re­quired to have silly things like mud­guards, lights, in­di­ca­tors, safety warn­ing de­vice (horn) etc and they must be road­wor­thy.

I agree that some (a lot) mo­torists are break­ing the laws (there is more of them and they are more eas­ily no­ticed) but this does not make push bike rid­ers ex­empt.

The only place for pushies in on a velo­drome or duck­ing up to the lo­cal shops, not on our ma­jor roads.

The ar­gu­ment that most cy­clists have cars and con­trib­ute to roads sim­ply does not wash as ev­ery ve­hi­cle that uses the roads is clas­si­fied and needs the cor­rect li­cence and in­surance.

The only “traf­fic im­prove­ment” hap­pen­ing here is the green bike lanes. What­ever hap­pened to user pays?

Un­for­tu­nately the peo­ple who are pay­ing for all these things are be­ing de­monised by the bludgers who won’t pay for the rights to use and main­tain the roads they want to take over.

It is truly a sad state of af­fairs when our roads are be­ing over­taken by “ly­cra loonies”. — JIM CARTER El­liott Heads

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