Trust your in­tu­ition

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NAT Wil­lacy was just 32 and four months out from her wed­ding day when she was di­ag­nosed with bowel can­cer.

Five years on and now in re­mis­sion, she hopes that shar­ing her story will en­cour­age others to trust their in­tu­ition.

“The ear­lier you catch it the bet­ter. It is so im­por­tant you per­se­vere with what you feel in­side your body – my GP dis­missed it a few times, but I went back,” she said.

“I could have just let it go at that point but in­side I felt some­thing wasn’t right.

“If I had lis­tened to that GP, it could have been a whole dif­fer­ent story. You re­ally need to lis­ten to your body be­cause you know it best.”

Af­ter putting her wed­ding and plans for a fam­ily on hold, Ms Wil­lacy went through surgery and six months of chemo­ther­apy.

“Through our jour­ney, my hus­band was ac­tu­ally the one who called Can­cer Coun­cil

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