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AUS­TRALIA’S lead­ing portable en­gine driven pump builder Aussie Pumps has dra­mat­i­cally ramped up pro­duc­tion of Kubota diesel pow­ered fire pumps for what looks like a cat­a­strophic fire sea­son ahead.

The com­pany of­fers Aus­tralia’s big­gest range of en­gine drive bushfire fight­ing pumps from Ul­tralites to their high pres­sure Brigade Boss se­ries.

Aussie Pumps has lifted the stan­dards for fire pumps build­ing in more fea­tures and adding per­for­mance.

The Aussie QP (Quik Prime) range also of­fers unique ad­van­tage over oth­ers in the form of a five- year war­ranty, de­liv­ered to con­sumers at no ex­tra charge.

Ac­cord­ing to Aussie Pumps’ prod­uct man­ager Brad Far­ru­gia the Aussie Fire Chief, pow­ered by ei­ther Kubota’s OC60 or OC95 en­gine, pro­vides real ad­van­tages in terms of power and econ­omy.

The OC en­gine (OC stands for oil cooled) uses Kubota’s Ad­vanced Cool­ing Three Vor­tex sys­tem.

That means the com­bus­tion cham­ber is oil cooled and the cylin­der air cooled.

The ACTV sys­tem en­sures the en­gines are qui­eter, have min­i­mal vi­bra­tion and run cooler.

This re­sults in longer en­gine life and lower main­te­nance costs.

“This is a huge ben­e­fit to op­er­a­tors who use pumps the most dur­ing the sum­mer pe­riod,” Mr Far­ru­gia said.

“Whether it’s for fire­fight­ing or high pres­sure wa­ter trans­fer, the pumps will per­form bet­ter when they have re­serve power and the abil­ity to run cooler in sum­mer’s squalling heat.”

Mr Far­ru­gia added that the Kub­o­tas de­liver sus­tained per­for­mance, great torque and ex­cel­lent fuel econ­omy, which trans­lates to ma­jor sav­ings for users who can move more wa­ter with less fuel, with the bonus of lower on­go­ing en­gine ser­vice costs.

The range of Kubota pow­ered high pres­sure pumps from Aussie Pumps starts with the Aussie Fire Chief.

This unit is widely re­garded as the world’s best portable en­gine drive fire pump.

It de­liv­ers more wa­ter at high pres­sure be­cause of its huge “big belly” body and 7.5 inch di­am­e­ter sin­gle piece heavy duty im­peller.

The Aussie Fire Chief im­peller weighs up to two and a half times more than com­pet­i­tive equiv­a­lents giv­ing the pump a real longevity and en­hanced re­li­a­bil­ity.

Stan­dard equip­ment also in­cludes a large two inch, bolt-on flanged suc­tion port that lets more wa­ter into the pump, which as­sists in ef­fi­ciency and im­proved per­for­mance by re­duc­ing fric­tion.

“The Fire Chief is avail­able with a choice of ei­ther the six horse pow­ered or 9.5 horse pow­ered Kubota en­gine,” Mr Far­ru­gia said.

That pack­age of­fers a com­bi­na­tion of per­for­mance and value for money that is un­beat­able.

“We know that in high pres­sure wa­ter trans­fer or fire­fight­ing it is the en­gine that can make all the dif­fer- ence to the over­all per­for­mance,” he said.

The Aussie range of Kubota pow­ered pumps also in­cludes 3” and 4” gush­ers.

These large pumps are ideal for fast wa­ter trans­fer ap­pli­ca­tions in­clud­ing tanker fill­ing, dam wa­ter man­age­ment and site de­wa­ter­ing.

The elec­tric start units all come mounted in heavy duty gal­vanised steel frames and gal­vanised steel sub-bases with anti-vi­bra­tion mounts.

They are ideal for work carts where fast fill ca­pa­bil­ity and re­duced cy­cle time is vi­tal.

Aussie Pumps also make spe­cialised tanker pumps us­ing Kubota en­gines fit­ted with so­le­noids to en­able re­mote con­trol of the pumps.

These com­pact units, sup­plied on a gal base, are avail­able in high pres­sure or high flow op­tions.

They suit dust sup­pres­sion and fast fill tanker ap­pli­ca­tions.

“Our tanker spe­cials are pop­u­lar with wa­ter cart op­er­a­tors who mount the pump start/stop con­trol in the cab,” said Mr Far­ru­gia.

“The pump can be stopped im­me­di­ately once the tank is emp­tied, pre­vent­ing dam­age to the pump from dry run­ning.”

Like all Aussie Quik Prime pumps, the Kubota pow­ered range comes with a free exclusive fiveyear ex­tended pump end war­ranty, while the en­gine is sup­ported by Kubota Aus­tralia’s two year en­gine war­ranty.

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