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AC­CORD­ING to Ger­ard Anselmi of RECHARGE Bat­tery Re­vi­taliser & Con­di­tioner sul­pha­tion build-up on lead acid bat­ter­ies is very easy to treat in or­der to pre­vent pre­ma­ture bat­tery fail­ure.

Lead acid bat­ter­ies usu­ally die pre­ma­turely from sul­pha­tion build-up on in­ter­nal lead plates; how­ever, Mr Anselmi has a sim­ple so­lu­tion to the prob­lem with his RECHARGE bat­tery con­di­tion­ing pro­gram.

“We have been say­ing for years that farm­ers are get­ting eight to 10 years in our bat­tery con­di­tion­ing pro­gram,” he said.

“How­ever, most shows we do th­ese days we meet peo­ple us­ing our RECHARGE bat­tery con­di­tion­ing pro­gram with 12 and 14 year old bat­ter­ies of­ten still go­ing.

“In fact, our record is now 18 years old and still start­ing his trac­tor and af­ter 18 years on the mar­ket in New Zealand and 13 years in Aus­tralia, I think we may do bet­ter yet.”

A RECHARGE treat­ment will dis­solve the lead sul­phate buildup turn­ing those sul­phur ions back into sul­phuric acid hold­ing elec­trons.

Sealed bat­ter­ies can also be treated by sim­ply drilling into each cell treat­ing and re­seal- ing with sil­i­cone, sika-flex or a plas­tic bung.

RECHARGE is also great for deep cy­cle bat­ter­ies like fork­lifts, golf carts, scis­sor hoists and light­ing sys­tem bat­ter­ies.

“We are chem­i­cally re­vers­ing the sul­pha­tion build-up pro­cess, one chem­i­cal re­ac­tion to counter an­other,” Mr Anselmi ex­plained.

“Once treated, a bat­tery is es­sen­tially run­ning at full ca­pac­ity, pro­vided the lead plates are still in good con­di­tion and pre­ven­tion is the key.

“Treat them early, re­peat ev­ery two to three years and keep them charged.”

Mr Anselmi and his part­ner, Deb­bie, will be at this year’s Henty Ma­chin­ery Field Days on site V-1051.

“The 500ml farmer pack works out at $4.20 per car bat­tery or $8.50 to treat an N-70.

“A more cost-ef­fec­tive two litre com­mer­cial pack is also avail­able and can also be pur­chased on­line or on Ebay.

“As RECHARGE is acid based, it is dan­ger­ous goods and ex­pen­sive to freight, so get­ting it at the field days is by far the cheap­est op­tion,” Mr Anselmi added.

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SIM­PLE SO­LU­TION: RECHARGE Bat­tery Re­vi­taliser & Con­di­tioner owner Ger­ard Anselmi can get your lead acid bat­ter­ies fir­ing for years to come.

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