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SILOSTOP’S Bale Wrap is de­signed to stop the en­try of oxy­gen into any baled silage crops.

The film’s unique abil­ity to be 100 times more ef­fec­tive at lim­it­ing oxy­gen en­try into silage – when com­pared to con­ven­tional PE plas­tic film – makes it a must for pro­duc­ers wor­ried about the qual­ity of the for­age be­ing fed to their stock.

“The unique patented oxy­gen bar­rier prop­er­ties of Silostop Bale Wrap pre­vents air from en­ter­ing silage through the film,” tech­ni­cal ser­vice man­ager, Lalle­mand An­i­mal Nu­tri­tion, David Lewis, said.

Aer­o­bic spoilage of silage has been shown to re­duce feed in­take in dairy cows – lead­ing to re­duced milk pro­duc­tion.

At a time when chal­leng­ing mar­gins means farm­ers are look­ing to make the most of home-grown re­sources, get­ting the con­ser­va­tion process right is vi­tal with seal­ing and stor­age.

“Farm­ers need to be able to make the most of ev­ery kilo­gram of feed pro­duced for milk pro­duc­tion,” Mr Lewis said.

“Spoiled silage in the diet of live­stock poses a hazard to an­i­mal health and can re­duce an­i­mal per­for­mance.

“Yeasts and moulds re­duce the nu­tri­tional value of the silage and can pro­duce my­co­tox­ins that can re­duce feed in­take and in­crease di­ges­tive up­sets.”

Re­search has shown that be­cause of the oxy­gen bar­rier prop­er­ties of Silostop Bale Wrap Film, there is less mould on the bale sur­face and outer lay­ers com­pared to bales wrapped with con­ven­tional PE bale wrap, es­pe­cially af­ter more than six months of stor­age.

“Qual­ity silage is the key to dairy cow per­for­mance as this is one of the larger in­puts,” Mr Lewis said.

“Spoilage of the out­side 57mm is 25 per cent of the bale af­fected.

“Hav­ing this amount of waste or spoilage is like get­ting rid of one in ev­ery four bales.

“Don’t un­der­es­ti­mate the cost of waste silage.”

Dry mat­ter anal­y­sis fol­low­ing stor­age us­ing Silostop Bale Wrap Film has shown a re­duc­tion in DM losses of over 40 per cent per bale com­pared to con­ven­tional films.

Com­bined with bet­ter pal- ata­bil­ity and an­i­mal in­take, lower risk of ru­men up­set caused by mould and yeast and lower labour costs, this trans­lates to a sig­nif­i­cant sav­ing for pro­duc­ers.

Silostop Bale Wrap is multi lay­ered for su­pe­rior strength and can be run at 70 per cent stretch on round bales wrapped in­di­vid­u­ally and in­line wrapped.

The oxy­gen bar­rier tech­nol­ogy has been proven in in­de­pen­dent tri­als to be 100 times more ef­fec­tive than lead­ing con­ven­tional brands of wrap.

This prod­uct com­ple­ments the patented Silostop Orange Oxy­gen Bar­rier Film used to cover silage pits and stacks, along with the wo­ven UV pro­tec­tion cov­ers and gravel bag seal­ing weights.

WRAPPED: This faba bean and oat crop wrapped in Silostop Bale Wrap has high nu­tri­tive qual­ity and palata­bil­ity.

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