Why Minia­ture Here­fords?

IN­TRO­DUC­TION: Ali­son Liver­more owns and op­er­ates Winswood Minia­ture Here­fords, and has been a fan of the breed for al­most a decade. Here, she talks about what got her into the minia­ture breed in the first place.

North East & Goulburn Murray Farmer - - MINIATURE HEREFORDS - By ALI­SON LIVER­MORE

NEARLY 10 years ago I was look­ing for a project to in­volve my­self in, some­thing to re­place the Stock Horse breed­ing en­ter­prise I had en­joyed for many years.

I saw an ad­ver­tise­ment for Minia­ture Here­fords, and felt ex­cited about a new di­rec­tion.

We re­searched Minia­ture Here­fords and vis­ited a stud in Tas­ma­nia, Boomer Creek Minia­ture Here­fords, owned by Colin and Joy Wal­ters.

I re­ally liked the di­rec­tion Joy had taken with her an­i­mals and pur­chased two heifers in calf - later that year, I pur­chased a fur­ther heifer and a young bull.

Since that ini­tial in­vest­ment, my part­ner John Mur­phy and I have en­joyed show­ing, demon­strat­ing and breed­ing, and now have a thriv­ing stud of 19 breed­ers with an ad­di­tional line of com­mer­cial cat­tle for a paddock to plate busi­ness.

Minia­ture Here­fords are per­fect for the small acreage farmer, chil­dren and teenagers, and older re­tired farm­ers who have be­come con­cerned about man­ag­ing large cat­tle.

They are quiet, gen­tle and amenable an­i­mals, bred with tem­per­a­ment fore­most in mind.

That is not to say, how­ever, that struc­tural qual­ity is sac­ri­ficed - we only keep the very best for breed­ing pur­poses.

We find we sell all we can breed and now rou­tinely send cat­tle as far as Qld and North­ern NSW.

There is a def­i­nite mar­ket for steers as peo­ple who don’t wish to breed en­joy hav­ing these won­der­ful cat­tle as pets and lawn mow­ers.

Mini Here­fords stand about hip height on the av­er­age per­son.

They weigh be­tween 300 and 500kg and look just the same as the big­ger Here­fords from a dis­tance.

They are ex­cel­lent calvers and mums, and in­cred­i­bly good do­ers.

Be­ing small, they do min­i­mal dam­age to your pad­docks and are per­fect for peo­ple with lit­tle-to-no cat­tle ex­pe­ri­ence.

That said, they are still cat­tle and have to be treated as such - with worm­ing, vac­ci­nat­ing and other rou­tine main­te­nance, and there­fore the fa­cil­i­ties re­quired for such are needed.

Stud Minia­ture Here­fords are reg­is­tered with Here­fords Aus­tralia and are only classed as Minia­tures if they pass the height re­stric­tions.

Fur­ther in­for­ma­tion is avail­able through the Aus­tralian Minia­ture Here­ford Breed­ers Net­work.

LOVE: Ali­son Liver­more owns Winswood Minia­ture Here­fords. She is pic­tured with Winswood Baxter.

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