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THE John Shearer Pas­ture Drill of­fers more pre­ci­sion sow­ing – and there­fore max­i­mum ger­mi­na­tion – thanks to its unique dou­ble disc de­sign.

The drill has many ad­van­tages to of­fer farm­ers, in­clud­ing a uniform seed­ing depth, a re­duc­tion of draft forces, trash han­dling abil­ity, re­duced soil dis­tur­bance and faster sow­ing speeds.

Us­ing discs, rather than tynes, is par­tic­u­larly ad­van­ta­geous when pro­duc­ers are sow­ing into rocky con­di­tions, while sow­ing with a dou­ble disc opener leaves smother soil pro­file and will as­sist in re­duc­ing wa­ter runoff.

The John Shearer Pas­ture Drill uses a spring pin to lock the press arm into place, which is used to con­trol the depth and pro­vides 6mm in­cre­ments over 50mm travel.

The spring loaded opener has a me­chan­i­cal screw as­sem­bly to eas­ily ad­just the main­spring to de­crease or in­crease pres­sure for both open­ing coul­ters and the press wheel.

Down­ward force can be in­creased to help cut tough stub­ble residue, and in drier con­di­tions pen­e­trate the soil for good seed place­ment.

The spring break­out pres­sure can be ad­justed up to 182kg (400 lb), and the unit has 254mm (10”) of ver­ti­cal ground fol­low­ing ca­pa­bil­ity.

For the hy­draulic ver­sion, pres­sure is ad­justed on the go from the trac­tor seat to suit soil types and con­di­tions - a pres­sure gauge fit­ted into the sys­tem al­lows the op­er­a­tor to mon­i­tor the down pres­sure.

The John Shearer opener is de­signed to per­form in many dif­fer­ent soil types and condi- tions, with its compact de­sign mean­ing that the press wheel is much closer to the sow­ing boot than most oth­ers on the mar­ket with re­mark­able ben­e­fits in terms of uniform seed­ing depth.

The opener is a true par­al­lel­o­gram based around two car­ri­ers - the mount­ing car­rier which at­taches the unit to ei­ther a square or di­a­mond mount­ing frame, and the main car­rier on which the ground en­gag­ing coul­ters (or op­tional tyne) and press wheel are at­tached.

The hy­draulic ver­sion of the dou­ble disc opener fea­tures a spring re­turn mech­a­nism for trans­port.

The John Shearer Pas­ture Drill of­fers an in­vest­ment, not just on time spent in the field but also in in­creas­ing yield ben­e­fits and soil im­prove­ment.

MAX­IMISE GER­MI­NA­TION: The John Shearer disc max­imises ger­mi­na­tion through its use of pre­ci­sion sow­ing.

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