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Light / Medium / Dark Colour Sat­u­ra­tion

De­sign re­lies on bal­ance; the bal­ance of light to dark, the bal­ance of vis­ually large and heavy to fine and pe­tite, the bal­ance of one ma­te­rial and fin­ish to an­other and even the bal­ance of tra­di­tional to con­tem­po­rary. Res­o­lu­tion ar­rives with the sym­me­try of coun­ter­act­ing all these el­e­ments and prin­ci­ples. Tak­ing a spe­cific look at the bal­ance of light to dark and the idea of colour sat­u­ra­tion, this plat­form for dec­o­rat­ing stems into the lay­er­ing and stag­gered drop of colour value. If the back­ground is dark, then fol­low in front with a light ac­cent and then scale back to an ob­ject of a medium sat­u­ra­tion, and visa versa. This is true across the styling of all fur­nish­ings from high­light­ing cush­ions on a sofa, to the way we dress a bed and the out­come of a room in its en­tirety when en­com­pass­ing the floor­ing so­lu­tion, win­dow treat­ments, wall and ceil­ing colours through to em­pha­sis­ing in­di­vid­ual works of art and pieces of fur­ni­ture. Con­sider ad­vance and re­cede, cre­at­ing that push and pull. All hues will ad­vance (jump out at you) or re­cede (push back into the dis­tance) so it’s a mat­ter of bal­anc­ing what el­e­ments we wish to high­light and make a state­ment of and those that will be­come a sup­port­ing roll. Pic­ture the space as though you are view­ing it as a black and white pho­to­graph. Purely grey scale… What can you see? Are all sur­faces just blend­ing into the next with no strong def­i­ni­tion? Where does your eye au­to­mat­i­cally go? Is the space hun­gry for con­trast? Con­trast can be achieved with both neu­trals and colours ex­clu­sively; sim­ply de­fine whether the hue is rich, con­cen­trated and strong or light, del­i­cate and more washed out then play with the place­ment of ob­jects that fit into one of the three cat­e­gories light, medium or dark. Ap­ply this tool across any style e.g. Tra­di­tional, Con­tem­po­rary, Scan­di­na­vian, In­dus­trial, Rus­tic, Art Deco, Mid Cen­tury Mod­ern etc to cre­ate an ex­tra ad­van­tage.

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