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1. Who was Os­car-nom­i­nated for Best Sup­port­ing Ac­tress in Doubt (2008) and Best Ac­tress in The Help (2011)?

2. In the film world, what is TIFF?

3. From 1940 to 1965, the international op­er­a­tions of Air New Zealand went by the name of TEAL. What did the ini­tials stand for?

4. What type of air­craft did Jean Bat­ten use for her 1936 world record solo flight from Eng­land to New Zealand?

5. Where is the lit­tle set­tle­ment of Trumps Green?

6. Legally, what is the max­i­mum length of time the op­er­a­tor of a heavy ve­hi­cle can drive in this coun­try be­fore hav­ing at least half an hour’s rest?

7. Which town claims the ti­tle of Daffodil Cap­i­tal of New Zealand?

8. The fear­some em­pire­builder Genghis Khan hailed from which coun­try?

9. Which seven colours are pop­u­larly as­cribed to a rain­bow?

10. Myopia is short-sight­ed­ness; the terms pres­by­opia and hy­per­me­tropia re­fer to long-sight­ed­ness. What’s the tech­ni­cal term for per­fect vi­sion?

11. Which two of the three Bee Gees have died, and who is the sur­viv­ing mem­ber of the group?

12. Who said of Jane Austen, “Ev­ery time I read Pride and Prej­u­dice, I want to dig her up and beat her over the skull with her own shin bone”?


1. Vi­ola Davis. In 2012, Time mag­a­zine said she was one of the 100 most in­flu­en­tial peo­ple in the world. 2. Toronto International Film Fes­ti­val. 3. Tas­man Em­pire Air­ways Ltd. 4. A Per­ci­val Gull Six. 5. Nowhere near Wash­ing­ton or New York. Trumps Green is a lit­tle spot on the map, lo­cated close to one of Eng­land’s most ex­pen­sive neigh­bour­hoods, Vir­ginia Wa­ter, in Sur­rey. 6. Gen­er­ally speak­ing, five-and-a-half hours, al­though there are some spec­i­fied ex­cep­tions to this rule. 7. Carter­ton. 8. Mon­go­lia. 9. Red, orange, yel­low, green, blue, indigo, vi­o­let. 10. Em­metropia. 11. Barry Gibb has sur­vived the deaths of his brothers Mau­rice (in 2003) and Robin (2012). 12. Mark Twain.

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