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1. Michael Bond died in June at the age of 91. What was his claim to fame?

2. Who is the only mem­ber of the vic­to­ri­ous Team NZ Ber­muda crew who was also part of the 2013 New Zealand crew?

3. Which two Kiwis, driv­ing for Porsche along­side Ger­man Tino Bern­hard, won the Le Mans mo­tor racing clas­sic in June?

4. Nathu­ram Vi­nayak Godse is no­to­ri­ous for the mur­der of which fa­mous fig­ure?

5. The Latin motto “Ab or­dine lib­er­tas” means what?

6. Where would you go to visit the Fon­da­tion Cartier and Maxxi art gal­leries?

7. What is ron­goa?

8. Re­nais­sance painters Rem­brandt and Car­avag­gio are fa­mous for their mas­tery of chiaroscuro. What is this?

9. Which two na­tions to­gether com­prise the Caribbean is­land of His­pan­iola?

10. In which year did Auck­land Air­port at Man­gere be­come op­er­a­tional? And where was Auck­land’s in­ter­na­tional air­port be­fore then?

11. What is teff?

12. Who said, “Fash­ion is a form of ug­li­ness so in­tol­er­a­ble that we have to al­ter it ev­ery six months”?

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