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G. Adams: “This case [Tami­here, Au­gust] is a stain on our na­tion’s his­tory. And not just be­cause of the way po­lice used a prison snitch, but also be­cause of the Court of Ap­peal’s shock­ing han­dling of new ev­i­dence that should have seen David Tami­here’s con­vic­tion over­turned forth­with. Tami­here was a bad bug­ger but this case is a shocker. And it’s taken an­other pris­oner to bring it back to court.”

An­gela Green Grif­fiths:

“Com­par­ing Win­ston Peters to Trump? [Pol­i­tics, Au­gust] Go home, North & South! You’re drunk.”

Peter Mal­couronne: “I’m ve­he­mently anti anti-vaxxers [ Nerd Na­tion, July], partly be­cause my mother had po­liomyeli­tis, had her kneecaps taken out and was in cal­lipers for two years; partly be­cause my fa­ther very nearly died of tetanus; partly be­cause [An­drew] Wake­field is an in­con­testable phony and fraud, partly be­cause anti-vaxxer ar­gu­ments are (al­most al­ways) so bone-headed and spec­tac­u­larly self­ish. Then there’s the fact that most anti-vaxxers ap­pear to be col­lec­tivist/green­ish in their world view – as I am – yet re­treat to self­serv­ing lib­er­tar­i­an­ism when the pres­sure’s on. You know, ‘I’m do­ing what’s right for my kids (no mat­ter the cost to ev­ery­one else). No one knows them bet­ter than me etc.’ The hypocrisy of this po­si­tion stag­gers.”

Gold (Card) Fever

• “It should stay and should re­main uni­ver­sal [Edi­to­rial, Au­gust]. It al­lows so many of our older folks a chance to get out for a day and do their shop­ping or visit friends, in­stead of be­ing stuck at home – $ 28 mil­lion is a small amount com­pared to other gov­ern­ment wastes.” • “I’d like to point out that the pen­sion doesn’t ‘ just turn up’ when you are 65. You have to ap­ply for it and prove your age etc.” • “There are few ben­e­fits to get­ting old; there are aches, pains, grief and lone­li­ness for many, and try liv­ing on a pen­sion. Leave the old bug­gers alone!” •“Who’d have thought: the pen­sion­aged Win­ston Peters dish­ing out the candy to his mates?!”

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