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Con­grat­u­la­tions to the four girls se­lected for the State Academy Squad for net­ball.

Proud of my nieces.

Joanne Tay­lor Big Con­grats and love to the Trippy's from the Turn­ers. Tim Turner

Po­lice dog bites ju­ve­nile, she bites back

I know ev­ery­one up here is sick and tired of the crime rate and jus­ti­fi­ably so . . . but re­ally? Re­leas­ing a fully trained at­tack po­lice dog on a 15-yearold girl? Are the po­lice up here too un­fit to chase down a child? Shayne Hughes It is a fairly known thing that if you run from a pur­suit they will re­lease the dog and the dog will bite if you fail to co-op­er­ate and it doesn't mat­ter if the per­son’s 15. Tom Keep

Who cares a mi­nor or not . . . at least the po­lice dog is trained. She’d have been torn to shreds if caught by an un­trained dog and wouldn't have had a chance to bite the dog back. Should be more of it. Jade Zdeno Lem­pochner The poor dog. Niusha Sohrabi I’d say it’s a pretty dog act, hey. Brooke Cur­ley

Where have the Pil­bara kan­ga­roos gone?

Land clear­ing? Min­ing? Favourite food source? San­dra Playle Been say­ing this for years — too many roo shoot­ers, they will be all shot out in a few years. (We) need to put re­stric­tions on roo shoot­ers — four months a year — or some­thing needs to be done soon. Ash­ley Dean Arnold Camels for pet food, not cute lit­tle kan­gas!! Jody Cel­lar

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