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1. The son of which ac­tor was ac­ci­den­tally shot

and killed while film­ing the movie The Crow? 2. What is a Cor­nish Rex? 3. In 2004, who pub­lished the first part of his

au­to­bi­og­ra­phy Chronicles: Vol­ume One? 4. Which sport uses an épée? 5. The Tri­ton Foun­tain is lo­cated in which

Ital­ian city? 6. In which TV se­ries would you find John Crich­ton

and Aeryn Sun? 7. Maize is also known as what? 8. In which city, and in which country, is Cirque

du Soleil based? 9. True or false – Va­ri­eties of Spam in­clude Spam

Por­ridge and Spam with Nuts? 10. Which com­pany was es­tab­lished in 1928 by

Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker?

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