No. 412

North West Telegraph - - Lifestyle -

1. Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn wrote and starred in which 2009 movie?

2. A head race is a time-trial com­pe­ti­tion in

which sport?

3. Who wrote the 1980 book Cos­mos?

4. Which com­pany makes Monte Carlo bis­cuits?

5. Ki­gali is the cap­i­tal of which coun­try?

6. Zali Steggall won Aus­tralia’s first ski­ing medal at which Olympics?

7. What is foamed poly­styrene most com­monly called?

8. The Caribbean is­land of His­pan­iola com­prises which two coun­tries?

9. True or false – The type­writer was in­vented by Al­bert Ein­stein? 10. In com­put­ers, ALU stands for what?

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