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Bent­ley is not ex­actly a car brand of the peo­ple; it’s more like the car you drive in heaven. Restric­tively ex­pen­sive and the choice of roy­alty and well-heeled rap­pers alike, us com­mon­ers can only look on in envy at the way so much cash can so quickly be blown.

Not least on the ac­ces­sories. Take the brand’s less-than-sub­tle SUV – called the Ben­tayga – which is the cur­rent dar­ling of the su­per-rich for col­lect­ing the chil­dren from our na­tion’s finest pri­vate schools.

You need at least $335,000 to buy a Ben­tayga (although the 12-cylin­der ver­sion is the pre­ferred choice for up to $435,000), but it’s so very sim­ple to spend more.

The model fa­mously had a $300,000 built-in gold and di­a­mond Bre­itling clock on the op­tions list last year, while this year

Bent­ley is tapping in to the de­sires of the more sport­ing buyer.

No, not with a branded boot bin for your footy gear, but a be­spoke in­stal­la­tion in the rear which houses all the equip­ment needed for an “en­joy­able fal­conry ex­pe­di­tion”.

Keep­ing it real there, Bent­ley. The ul­ti­mate in-car fal­conry kit. Called the Bent­ley Ben­tayga Fal­conry by Mulliner, it’s ideal for tak­ing your fal­cons (birds, not Fords) out into the desert to stretch their wings.

Housed in the boot are two in­di­vid­ual nat­u­ral-cork­fab­ric-trimmed units, one a “mas­ter flight sta­tion” and the other a re­fresh­ment case. For the XXXX Gold, pre­sum­ably.

There are in­di­vid­ual com­part­ments for all your key fal­conry gear. You know, the GPS bird track­ing unit, binoc­u­lars and hand-crafted leather hoods and gauntlets.

The driver is also rather spoilt as this spe­cial Ben­tayga’s cabin fea­tures artis­tic dec­o­ra­tion in­laid in the dash­board’s wood pan­elling.

This artistry is called mar­quetry (you prob­a­bly knew that al­ready), where 430 in­di­vid­ual pieces of wood sourced from over the world have been hand-crafted (over nine days ap­par­ently) to cre­ate a sweep­ing desert scene in your dash.

Ge­off Dowd­ing, di­rec­tor of Mulliner, said: “Fal­conry is re­garded as the sport of kings in the Mid­dle East, so it was vi­tal that the kit we cre­ated was as lux­u­ri­ous as it was prac­ti­cal and durable to ap­peal to our val­ued cus­tomers there and around the world”.

A price for the Ben­tayga Fal­conry by Mulliner hasn’t been re­leased (if you’ve gotta ask, etc.) and as we Aus­tralians haven’t as much of a pas­sion for fal­conry as our Mid­dle Eastern cousins, we’re un­likely to see one pull up at the lo­cal sand dunes.

So let’s just en­joy the won­der­ful way the su­per rich can treat them­selves.

Thought the car was ex­pen­sive? Your hobby can still cost more than the Ben­tayga. A saker fal­con, as de­picted in the wooden dash­board art, can cost up to a mil­lion dol­lars for an ex­cep­tional ex­am­ple.

Maybe it’s best we Aussies stick to club cricket and a good ol’ Holden Com­modore wagon.

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