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We all have bad hair days right? But if you are sud­denly hav­ing more bad days than usual, doc­tors sug­gest tak­ing a closer look at your hair as it can of­fer in­sights into what’s go­ing on in­side your body and can help pre­vent big­ger health prob­lems.

Los­ing your locks

We usu­ally lose 80 to 100 strands of hair a day but if it seems like you are los­ing more than usual, this can in­di­cate a pe­riod of higher stress. Rev­ersible hair thin­ning can be brought on by preg­nancy, ill­ness and de­pres­sion and may not be no­tice­able un­til three months af­ter the event. Seek help for de­pres­sion, get at least eight hours of sleep a night and do stress-bust­ing ac­tiv­i­ties. It may take be­tween three to six months for your hair to get back to nor­mal.

Poor diet

Healthy hair is shiny, so if yours is start­ing to look a bit dull, per­haps it is time to take a look at your diet. Eat­ing too much pro­cessed food over a long pe­riod of time will make your hair brit­tle and dry.

Not enough fats

Peo­ple try­ing to lose weight of­ten elim­i­nate fats from their diet but in do­ing so you ham­per the body’s abil­ity to ab­sorb fat-sol­u­ble nu­tri­ents like vi­ta­min D which is im­por­tant for a healthy head of hair. In­clude foods like av­o­ca­dos, olive oil, oily fish and dark choco­late in your diet.

Not get­ting enough wa­ter

If you are not get­ting at least 2.5 litres of wa­ter a day, chances are you don’t have enough for the body to do ev­ery­thing it needs to ef­fi­ciently. This can eas­ily lead to dry and dull hair.

You need den­tal work

This may sound weird but stud­ies show that peo­ple who have hair dis­or­ders due to the mu­ta­tion of ker­atin, a key hair pro­tein, are also more likely to have cav­i­ties as ker­atin is also vi­tal in the for­ma­tion of tooth enamel.


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