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Get­ting toned is a mix of build­ing mus­cle and de­creas­ing your body fat per­cent­age and you need to boost up mus­cle to get those nice toned shapes. There’s more to it than look­ing good you know, ex­er­cise makes you feel amaz­ing as well!

I like tabata for this rea­son. It’s a kind of train­ing where you work out for 20 sec­onds, then rest for 10 sec­onds, re­peat­ing this eight times for four min­utes.

By speed­ing up our me­tab­o­lism and de­creas­ing our body fat, we in­crease our lean mus­cle mass as we turn it into fat fight­ing lean and green ma­chines! When train­ing in tabata reg­u­larly, your me­tab­o­lism speeds up per­ma­nently. Your clever body will re­place fat with lean mus­cle and mus­cles are lit­tle fat fur­naces that burn calo­ries all day long, even when you're not work­ing out. Tabata is the fastest way to get fit, and since you work out for 20 sec­onds and rest for 10 sec­onds, it's not long enough to over­load your body to cause in­jury. It’s the bees knees and ants pants of ef­fec­tive train­ing.

I’ll KISN (Keep it sim­ple ninja), tabata is the fastest way to get those re­sults that you want, and fast. Also you get a juicy af­ter­burn ef­fect, burn­ing kilo­joules not just while you’re train­ing but for up to 48 hours after­wards. So if you have an af­ter­noon cookie with your cuppa, well, it won’t make a dif­fer­ence.

Take the guess­work out and try my ef­fi­cient moves that hit all the ma­jor mus­cle groups: think back­less dresses and toned backs, shoestring straps and toned arms, short skirts and shapely legs. Here are my tips for a full body work­out (hit­ting those trou­ble­some arms and tummy zones too!)

Try ev­ery ex­er­cise for

20 sec­onds with a 10-sec­ond rest for four min­utes du­ra­tion. Just re­mem­ber, there’s al­ways a rest around the cor­ner!


With both of your hands make a fist. Raise your fists in the air so that your arms are at a 45-de­gree an­gle. Your hands should travel in small cir­cles con­tin­u­ously ro­tat­ing in the air as you mimic hit­ting a speed bag. Start off slow to get your rhythm and build to higher in­ten­sity un­til those hands are fly­ing so fast they’re a blur.

V snap

Be­gin by ly­ing out stretched on the floor. Brace your core and make sure that your back is flat on floor by push­ing your belly but­ton down to your spine. At the same time raise your arms and legs and sit up into a V po­si­tion as you aim to touch your toes.

Front and side kick

We’re going to work the same leg with two fan­tas­tic kicks to tone the legs and butt.

Front kick. Drive your knee for­ward, crunch­ing your abs and keep­ing your guard up, then ex­tend your leg for­ward to groin height in the kick, then kick back, con­tract­ing the ham­string and flick your heel to your bot­tom.

Us­ing the same leg, keep your body fac­ing the front in a side stance, drive your knee up un­der your arm pitt, feel your obliques (side abs) crunch, then kick out to the side with the blade of your foot to hip height. Re­tract your leg, en­gag­ing the ham­string, don’t drop the leg to the floor from the ex­tended po­si­tion be­cause you won’t use your ham­string.

Curtsy squat

Start from a stand­ing po­si­tion and step your right leg be­hind you to the left so that your thighs cross over, bend­ing both knees as if you were curt­sy­ing. You will feel it work­ing the out­side and in­ner thigh as well as your calf and butt. Sink low so your knees are as close as you can get them to the ground.



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