SPE­CIAL EF­FECTS Take con­trol of crowds

Siân Lewis brings a sense of bus­tle to city shots

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Want to learn to speed up time? Just slow down your D-SLR. Adding a blur of pedes­tri­ans is a quick and easy way to spice up any ur­ban im­age, as it cre­ates a feel­ing of bus­tle in an other­wise static shot of the streets.

If you’re shoot­ing dur­ing the day, you’ll need to use an ND fil­ter to al­low you to set a slow shut­ter speed. You’ll also need a tri­pod to en­able you to keep your cam­era still for sec­onds at a time.

Scout out a lo­ca­tion that has a steady foot­fall of pass­ing people. We shot early in the morn­ing out­side a train sta­tion to cap­ture the rush of com­muters. An­other clas­sic place to try is a busy city bridge. If you’re stand­ing in the mid­dle of it, pass­ing people will have no choice but to walk to­wards and then around you. You’ll end up with rush­ing streams of people that look re­ally dy­namic. Busy pave­ments will work too.

Wher­ever you choose, stand some­where safe and away from traf­fic, as you’ll have to stay put for a while, and don’t pick some­where so busy that people will trip over you or your tri­pod.

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