Higher ISOs will let you use faster shut­ter speeds, but at a price

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ISO800, 1/15 sec

ISO800 used to be con­sid­ered very ‘fast’, but to­day’s Nikon D-SLRs pro­duce good qual­ity even at this set­ting. You will no­tice more noise, but the shut­ter speed is 1/15 sec, which is still mar­ginal but more likely to give a sharp pic­ture.

ISO3200, 1/60 sec

In­creas­ing the ISO to 3200 gives much more noise, but it’s still not too ob­tru­sive at nor­mal view­ing dis­tances and it al­lows a shut­ter speed that should elim­i­nate any cam­era shake, es­pe­cially if your lens has VR built in.

ISO12800, 1/250 sec

At this ISO set­ting, the pic­ture qual­ity is rel­a­tively poor, so you prob­a­bly want to avoid set­ting the ISO this high if you pos­si­bly can – but it does al­low a shut­ter speed of 1/250 sec, which would freeze most mov­ing sub­jects.

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