Braun UNA soft­box

A fold-flat mini soft­box for your flash­gun, with an equally small price Get a clearer pic­ture from your Nikon’s LCD screen

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Plenty of gad­gets claim to soften the light from your flash­gun for a more flat­ter­ing look, but find­ing one that doesn’t hog pre­cious kit bag space can be quite a mis­sion. The Braun UNA Soft­box could be just the ticket as it folds flat for trans­porta­tion. Putting it to­gether is a piece of cake, and at­tach­ing it to your flash­gun (it fits most hot­shoe-mount­able op­tions) is just as easy thanks to its elas­ti­cated mount­ing col­lar.

When it’s at­tached, you can ex­pect to dial in up to two stops of pos­i­tive ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion to coun­ter­act light loss, but don’t ex­pect a great deal of light soft­en­ing. Al­though the UNA soft­box does take the edge off harsh shad­ows and ex­po­sures are slightly more bal­anced, the dif­fer­ence in light qual­ity isn’t as great as you may want.

No mat­ter how bright your Nikon’s LCD, put it up against di­rect sun­light and you can wave good­bye to ac­cu­rately re­view­ing colour and con­trast. The sun doesn’t stand a chance against this gizmo, though, as it shrouds up to a 3.2-inch screen and adds two times mag­ni­fi­ca­tion so you still get a clear view.

A rub­ber eye­cup keeps things snug and light-fast against your eye, but the cam­era mount­ing sys­tem is slightly less se­cure, es­pe­cially when the de­vice is fit­ted to D-SLRs with­out a left-hand mode dial to an­chor the elas­ti­cated strap.

£40, $66­er­a­

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