Sur­real IN­FRARED

Ben Brain shows how to recre­ate the look of black-and-white in­frared

NPhoto - - Special Feature -

Ko­dak’s HIE high-speed in­frared film pro­duced a char­ac­ter­is­tic monochro­matic look which many pho­tog­ra­phers now try to re­pro­duce dig­i­tally. In in­frared, blue skies turn al­most black, veg­e­ta­tion turns a snowy white, and im­ages are suf­fused with a grainy glow.

The prob­lem is that dig­i­tal SLRs are de­signed not to be sen­si­tive to in­frared light. You can get in­frared fil­ters which block vis­i­ble light and al­low only in­frared light through to the sen­sor, but this will only work if the cam­era’s sen­sor still has some slight in­frared sen­si­tiv­ity, and it means mas­sive in­creases in ex­po­sure. If you’re an in­frared fan, the only real so­lu­tion is to get your cam­era con­verted.


BEN BRAIN Nikon D70, Nikon 20- 35mm f/2.8,

1/ 1000 sec, f/6.3, ISO200

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