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Clip­ping masks make this tech­nique re­ally sim­ple

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Make a black layer

Open type­_­por­trait_be­fore.jpg. Go to the Lay­ers Panel (Win­dow>Lay­ers) and click the Cre­ate New Layer icon. Next go to Edit>Fill Layer. Choose Use: Black and hit OK. High­light the back­ground layer and press Cmd/Ctrl+J to make a copy, then drag it above the black layer.

Se­lect the back­ground

High­light the back­ground layer, then Alt+click its eye icon to hide the other lay­ers. With the Quick Se­lec­tion tool, paint over the back­ground to se­lect it. Alt+click the eye icon again, high­light the top layer and click the Add Layer Mask icon to turn the se­lec­tion into a mask.

Add the text

Hide the top layer and high­light the black layer, then grab the Type tool. Drag a text box from the top-left cor­ner to the bot­tom-right one. Set the type colour to white, choose a font style and size in the op­tions, and type in ran­dom text (or paste from any source of text).

Change the text

Dou­ble-click the type thumb­nail on the top layer, go to the type op­tions at the bot­tom and pick a blue colour. Click the tick to ap­ply. Lower the layer opac­ity to about 50%. Click the Cre­ate Ad­just­ment Layer icon in the Lay­ers Panel and pick Lev­els. Set mid­point 1.20, white point 184.

Clip the layer

Re­veal the top layer, then hold Alt and click the di­vid­ing line in the lay­ers panel be­tween it and the layer be­low. This will clip the top layer to the type layer be­low. Next high­light the type layer and hit Cmd/Ctrl+J, then drag the lower type layer to the top of the stack.

Break up the ef­fect

Grab the Brush tool and set colour to black. In the op­tions click the brush picker and load the Square Brushes set. Click Brush Set­tings and in­crease the Scat­ter and Spac­ing. Make a new layer and paint around the edges. Add a Photo Fil­ter Ad­just­ment Layer; set Cool­ing Fil­ter (80).

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