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As a gen­eral rule you want to avoid a ma­chine-gun ap­proach to shoot­ing – the more pic­tures you have, the more time you spend in front of a com­puter edit­ing them af­ter­wards, sort­ing out es­sen­tially iden­ti­cal shots. How­ever, with shots of people it usu­ally pays to shoot more pic­tures than you need as ex­pres­sions can change sig­nif­i­cantly be­tween im­ages, and some ex­pres­sions will look much bet­ter than oth­ers! Blink­ing can be a par­tic­u­lar is­sue, and some people are more prone than oth­ers to clos­ing their eyes at ex­actly the wrong mo­ment. One tech­nique that Kerry uses suc­cess­fully to avoid is­sues with blink­ing is to get the per­son to close their eyes while she counts down “Three, two, one… open” – and takes the shot just af­ter say­ing “open”. This tech­nique also works with group shots, and cuts down the num­ber of safety shots you need to fire off.

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