On the Nikon D5000-se­ries cam­eras and above you can cre­ate, save and trans­fer new Pic­ture Con­trols. This is how it’s done

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01 Save and edit

Take a look at your Nikon’s Shoot­ing menu. If there’s a ‘Man­age Pic­ture Con­trol’ op­tion be­low ‘Set Pic­ture Con­trol’, you’ll be able to cre­ate and save your own. Click the right but­ton on the multi-se­lec­tor and choose Save/edit on the next screen.

02 Edit a Pic­ture Con­trol

You can now choose any of the Pic­ture Con­trols as a start­ing point and press right on the multi-se­lec­tor to edit its prop­er­ties. Here, we’ve cho­sen the Stan­dard Pic­ture con­trol. We can edit the prop­er­ties in­di­vid­u­ally or just use the ‘Quick ad­just’ slider.

03 Save and name

When you press OK you’ll be prompted to choose a va­cant slot (C1C9) to save the new Pic­ture Con­trol. Next, use the on-screen key­pad to type in a new name. You use the rear com­mand dial to move the cur­sor and the multi-se­lec­tor to pick a char­ac­ter.

04 Copy to the card

Click the zoom but­ton to save the new Pic­ture Con­trol. Now you can re-open the ‘Man­age Pic­ture Con­trol’ op­tion and this time choose ‘Load/ save’ and ‘Copy to card’. Choose the Pic­ture Con­trol you want to copy, and it’s copied to the mem­ory card.

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