Launch this tool from ViewNX 2 and you can cre­ate, save and im­port new Pic­ture Con­trols

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01 Stored Pic­ture Con­trols

This panel lists the stan­dard Nikon Pic­ture Con­trols and all those you’ve cre­ated with the util­ity or im­ported from a mem­ory card.

02 Quick Ad­just

Use this slider to em­pha­sise or re­duce the over­all char­ac­ter­is­tics of the selected Pic­ture Con­trol.

03 Man­ual Ad­just

These slid­ers re­flect the ad­just­ments avail­able on the cam­era for mod­i­fy­ing the Pic­ture Con­trol’s sharp­en­ing, sat­u­ra­tion, con­trast and other prop­er­ties.

04 Cus­tom Curve

You can ap­ply a cus­tom curve of your own mak­ing to any Pic­ture Con­trol you save.

05 Cur­rent im­age

Your cur­rently selected im­age is shown here, so you can see the ef­fect of any Pic­ture Con­trol ad­just­ments you ap­ply.

06 Im­port

Click this to load a Pic­ture Con­trol from a mem­ory card. The Ex­port, Re­name and Delete but­tons are only avail­able for Pic­ture Con­trols you’ve cre­ated yourself.

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