Cap­ture NX-D looks a lot like ViewNX 2 – here are the key fea­tures in the new pro­gram

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01 Fold­ers panel

This panel dis­plays all the fold­ers on your com­puter and any con­nected hard disk. Click on a folder to view the im­ages in the main win­dow.


These three but­tons con­trol how im­ages are dis­played in the main win­dow. You can view thumb­nails only, a sin­gle im­age only or both in a com­bined view.

03 Con­vert NEFs

The top tool­bar in­cludes a Con­vert Files but­ton for pro­cess­ing RAW (NEF) files into JPEGs or TIFFs. You can process them singly or in batches.

04 His­togram

The his­togram dis­play up­dates ‘live’ as you make changes to your im­ages, so you can check for clip­ping or ex­po­sure is­sues as you work.

05 Meta­data panel

You can click this tab to view the im­age meta­data (shoot­ing in­for­ma­tion recorded by the cam­era, in­clud­ing shut­ter speed, aper­ture, ISO and more).

06 RA W set­tings

These are the main RAW (NEF) ad­just­ments and re­flect the set­tings on the cam­era, such as White Bal­ance and Pic­ture Con­trol.

07 Ad­just­ments

There are more ad­just­ment pan­els be­low, and these in­clude a Lev­els & Curves panel, shown here, and sharp­en­ing, noise re­duc­tion and dis­tor­tion cor­rec­tion tools.

08 Pan­els

You use these but­tons to open whichever of the additional ad­just­ment pan­els you need (see 07).

09 Thumb­nails

This is the Thumb­nail view, which you use to browse through the pic­tures in a folder. It can ei­ther be a filmstrip at the bot­tom of the screen, or you can swap to the thumb­nails-only view (see 02).

10 Pre­view

The Pre­view win­dow shows a mag­ni­fied ver­sion of the cur­rently selected im­age. You can click the Pre­view but­ton on the top tool­bar (see 02) for a larger view, which hides the thumb­nails dis­play. This mode is ideal when you’re ap­ply­ing ad­just­ments.

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