There’s more to these wide-shoot­ing won­ders than meets the eye, so con­sider all this be­fore you buy…

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Mul­ti­ple rows

Some panoramic heads limit you to sin­gle-level hor­i­zon­tal mo­tion. Choose one with ver­ti­cal move­ment as well to cre­ate multi-row panora­mas or in­ter­ac­tive spher­i­cal pans you can move around.

02 Flat out

Does the head have a spirit bub­ble? Not all do, but one will help you get your shots per­fectly hor­i­zon­tal.

03 Cor­rect dis­tor­tion

Move any cam­era around an axis and closer ob­jects will ap­pear to move rel­a­tive to their sur­round­ings. A head with ad­just­ment to coun­ter­act this ef­fect will give you bet­ter re­sults.

04 Weigh it up

Some fancier heads are se­ri­ous pieces of kit weigh­ing over three kilo­grams. Pick a more por­ta­ble panoramic plat­form that’ll fit in your kit bag and it’ll open up more spon­ta­neous op­por­tu­ni­ties.

05 Se­lect soft­ware

If your head doesn’t come with soft­ware for stitch­ing your shots to­gether, there are plenty of pack­ages avail­able. One of the most com­pre­hen­sive is Au­topano Giga (

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