You de­cide what the land­scape will look like

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Imag­ine the aver­age novice pho­tog­ra­pher stop­ping at a scenic over­look to take a photo. Most likely they are think­ing about how beau­ti­ful the scene is, or about cam­era set­tings. Many will not be think­ing about the de­tails that go into mak­ing a great im­age, or the light con­di­tions.

Now imag­ine the aver­age pain­ter. Even a be­gin­ner must start mak­ing con­scious de­ci­sions right away. What will the paint­ing be of? Where will the sub­ject(s) be placed in the scene? What will the light­ing be like? Ev­ery­thing that ends up on the can­vas has to be thought about first.

Pho­tog­ra­phers need to think like painters. As we move the cam­era we are ef­fec­tively paint­ing with the world. Where we push the but­ton, and at what time of day, will com­plete the work. When you are shoot­ing, imag­ine you are paint­ing the scene. Is this the ex­act im­age you en­vi­sion, or would you change po­si­tions or come back when the light is bet­ter?

EX­PO­SURE 1/13 sec, f/14, ISO100 LENS Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR

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