Your Nikon won’t al­ways get the cor­rect ex­po­sure with­out your help. Here are three ways to take con­trol

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Ex­po­sure is al­ways open to in­ter­pre­ta­tion! The cam­era can try to an­tic­i­pate the kind of pic­ture you want, and this is what Nikon’s Ma­trix me­ter­ing and Scene Recog­ni­tion Sys­tem are de­signed for, but so much de­pends on the scene it­self, the con­trast range, which part of the pic­ture is the sub­ject – and, above all, how you want it to look – that you can’t al­ways rely on the cam­era to guess cor­rectly. There is an­other is­sue with light me­ters in cam­eras. They can only mea­sure the light re­flected from the sub­ject, so they will be fooled by un­usu­ally dark- or light-toned sub­jects. That’s why you some­times need to take over.

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