STE P BY STE P Get it all sewn up

Fol­low our four easy steps to cre­ate your own handy bean­bag

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01 Get stitch­ing Take your fab­ric and line up the out­side sides fac­ing to­gether. You can use pins to hold ev­ery­thing in place. Sew three of the edges to­gether, half a cen­time­tre in from the edge. We sewed ours by hand with an over­sew stitch, but us­ing a sewing ma­chine is even eas­ier. 03 Test it out Time to test out your cre­ation. Grab your D-SLR and a long lens and see if it sits nicely on top of the bag – you should be able to nes­tle it down com­fort­ably enough that if feels well sup­ported. If it’s not quite right, add or take away beans un­til you’re happy with the fi­nal re­sult. 02 Flip it and fill it When you’ve sewn up three of the bean­bag’s sides, flip the fab­ric bag out so that the right side is now fac­ing out­wards. Take your beans and pour them into a plas­tic bag, which will help stop them from get­ting damp, then tie it up and insert it into your bean­bag. 04 Fin­ish­ing touches Sew up the fi­nal side of the bean­bag and you’re all done. Time to head out and see what you can shoot with it. To get even sharper im­ages when us­ing your bag, go com­pletely hands-free by set­ting the cam­era’s self timer once it’s nes­tled safely on the bean­bag.

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