Nikon AF-S 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED

£520, $745 A diminu­tive, budget-friendly wide-an­gle lens that de­liv­ers im­pres­sive im­age qual­ity

NPhoto - - Test Team -

Con­sid­er­ably smaller than the other Nikon zoom lenses on test, this one also costs much less to buy. The max­i­mum an­gle of view isn’t as gen­er­ous, but it’s not mas­sively nar­rower than the Nikon 16-35mm or Tok­ina 16-28mm, and it beats two of the prime lenses in the group. It lacks the VR (Vi­bra­tion Re­duc­tion) fa­cil­ity and the con­stant-aper­ture de­sign of the Nikon 16-35mm lens but over­all build qual­ity feels of an equally good stan­dard.

The clos­est fo­cus dis­tance of 28cm equals that of the two Nikon zoom lenses but, un­like the other Nikon lenses, this one has only a sev­en­blade di­aphragm. Even so, the aper­ture is quite well rounded. An­other down­grade is that the 18-35mm lens has Nikon’s Su­per In­te­grated Coat­ing rather than Nano Crys­tal Coat­ing, but re­sis­tance to ghost­ing and flare is still pretty good.


Helped by the in­clu­sion of two ED (Ex­tra-low Dis­per­sion) el­e­ments, chro­matic aber­ra­tions are well con­trolled and, in this re­spect, the budget Nikon beats all other lenses in the group. Fine de­tail is gen­er­ally re­tained very well even in the ex­treme cor­ners of im­ages, al­though over­all sharp­ness at the short end of the zoom range isn’t a match for the Nikon 16-35mm.

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