How do I get the right fo­cus point for fast jets?

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Ja­son Pount­ney, via email

Chris says… It sounds like your prob­lem is depth of field. Are you us­ing your 70200mm f/2.8 wide open? If so, try clos­ing the aper­ture down to f/5.6 or f/8, and if this means the shut­ter speed is too low, in­crease the ISO to com­pen­sate.

If you’re happy with the depth of field and just want the cam­era to fo­cus on the right thing, such as the nose or the cock­pit, you may need to ex­per­i­ment with your choice of aut­o­fo­cus point. Dy­namic Area AF mode is ideal for mov­ing sub­jects, but al­though most people use the cen­tre AF point, this isn’t al­ways the best choice – this could be why you’re get­ting the cen­tre of the air­craft sharp and not the nose or the tail. In­stead, think how you com­pose your shots and where the nose or cock­pit will be in the frame, and move the ac­tive AF point over this spot in­stead.

Dy­namic Area AF mode is best for mov­ing sub­jects, but your AF point doesn’t have to be in the cen­tre

of the frame

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