Nikon D800 vs D4s

Nikon D800 £1999, $2999

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Key dif­fer­ences

The D4s is built for ac­tion, and can fire off a se­quence at a phe­nom­e­nal 11 frames per sec­ond. The D800 has a max­i­mum con­tin­u­ous shoot­ing rate of 4fps.

The D4s can shoot up to 176 RAW files be­fore its buf­fer is full; the D800 pulls up af­ter a 25-NEF se­quence.

The D800 has a ground­break­ing 36-megapixel sen­sor, com­pared to a 16MP chip in the D4s. Both have anti-alias­ing fil­ters. If you want more sharp­ness, the D800’s twin (the D800e) dis­penses with the fil­ter.

A ver­ti­cal grip with ex­tra bat­tery ca­pac­ity is an op­tional ex­tra with the D800 (cost­ing £285/$370) but is built in with the D4s.

Max­i­mum ex­panded ISO set­ting on the D4s sets a new record, top­ping out at ISO409600. The D800 can be pushed up to ISO25600

The D4s can use the ul­tra-com­pact WT-5 wire­less trans­mit­ter to send pic­tures to a com­puter, or its ul­tra-high-speed Eth­er­net port. The D800 uses the clunkier, older WT-4 wire­less trans­mit­ter.

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