Hoya Revo £115, $175

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for 77mm fit­ting


Cost­ing nearly twice as much as the Hoya Pro1 Dig­i­tal cir­cu­lar po­lariser, this re­cently launched fil­ter is from Hoya’s new ‘Revo’ range. Me­chan­i­cal de­sign and build qual­ity feels iden­ti­cal, with the same low-pro­file di­men­sions, black-rimmed glass and matte black alu­minium frame. Like the less ex­pen­sive Pro1 Dig­i­tal fil­ters, it’s also made in Ja­pan and comes in a UV-re­sis­tant case.

The prin­ci­pal dif­fer­ence is that the Revo fil­ter uses up­graded glass and coat­ings. Hoya claims that the high-pre­ci­sion op­ti­cal glass is spe­cially smelted and blended to yield per­fect re­sults, and that the Su­per Multi-Coat­ing is more ef­fec­tive in elim­i­nat­ing re­flec­tions. The coat­ings are also over­laid with an ad­di­tional wa­ter and stain-re­sis­tant coat­ing, which is eas­ier to clean.

Up­mar­ket coat­ings make the fil­ter very non-re­flec­tive. It’s avail­able in sizes from 37mm to 82mm

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