Formatt-Hitech 95mm £180, $270

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for 85mm fit­ting

One thing this fil­ter shares in com­mon with the B+W is that they’re both made of high-qual­ity Schott op­ti­cal glass. In other re­spects, they’re rather dif­fer­ent. The Formatt-Hitech is de­signed to be used with square fil­ter hold­ers of vary­ing sizes. The 95mm fil­ter is com­pat­i­ble with the com­pany’s 85mm fil­ter holder, which is also com­pat­i­ble with the wide range of Cokin P-se­ries fil­ters.

In ad­di­tion to the fil­ter it­self, you’ll need a fil­ter holder ring at £16 ($25), and an 85mm mo­du­lar fil­ter holder at £28 ($45). Both are made of alu­minium and have a high stan­dard of build qual­ity. An adap­tor ring for fix­ing the en­tire assem­bly to your lens costs about £12 ($18). The com­plete price is there­fore pretty steep, but ex­cel­lent op­ti­cal qual­ity is a good match for the up­mar­ket build.

The regular fil­ter holder needs to be de­con­structed and re­built to take the po­lariser assem­bly

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