Are you ready to go it alone? Us­ing your Nikon in man­ual mode will re­lease its true po­ten­tial – and it’s eas­ier than you think

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Man­ual mode is mas­sively im­por­tant, even to­day. Nikon D-SLRs have highly so­phis­ti­cated me­ter­ing sys­tems and au­to­mated ex­po­sure con­trols, but they still can’t re­place the thought pro­cesses and pho­to­graphic knowl­edge in­side your own head.

Smart as they are, dig­i­tal SLRs are only guess­ing. They can’t cope with ev­ery ex­treme of light­ing con­di­tions and they can’t al­ways an­tic­i­pate the kind of over­all ef­fect you’re try­ing to achieve in your pic­ture. The big­gest draw­back to auto-ex­po­sure is also the least ob­vi­ous: the cam­era will re­think the ex­po­sure for ev­ery shot you take, even when the light­ing con­di­tions haven’t changed at all.

Man­ual mode gives you a con­sis­tency and pre­dictabil­ity you just don’t get with your Nikon’s auto-ex­po­sure modes. The lat­ter cer­tainly have their place, but when you want to­tal con­trol, man­ual is the way to go.

It’s not even dif­fi­cult to use. The only hard part is re­mem­ber­ing that you’re the one who has to make the shut­ter speed, aper­ture and ISO ad­just­ments, not the cam­era. So join us as we ex­plore the power and po­ten­tial of your Nikon’s man­ual mode…

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