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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Feet and hands

Pho­tograph­ing your feet or just one hand is easy – you can sim­ply point and shoot. If you want to in­clude both your hands, hang your cam­era around your neck, switch to Live View and com­pose the shot, then use the self-timer to get your hands into the po­si­tion you want.

02 Strap in place

If you want to shoot sports then you’ll need to keep your Nikon sta­ble. Get hold of an SLR chest strap, which wraps around your waist and holds the cam­era snug against you. They cost around £20/$35 on eBay, or you could make your own from stretchy ma­te­rial.

03 Speed it up

The aim of a shot like this is to keep your hands and han­dle­bars in fo­cus while the rest of the scene blurs, cre­at­ing a sense of speed. Switch to shut­ter-pri­or­ity (S) Mode and pick 1/300 sec, then se­lect the in­ter­val timer, and shoot un­til you’re happy with the re­sult.

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