Ross is di­ver­si­fy­ing into sub­jects such as in­te­ri­ors and food pho­tog­ra­phy. But the lo­ca­tions con­tinue to be spec­tac­u­lar…

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Shoot­ing food and drink? That couldn’t be more op­po­site to shoot­ing out­door ac­tion…

I know, but I re­ally like eat­ing! How did it come about?

Three or four years ago I got a job in Courchevel to shoot in­te­ri­ors of some high-end chalets, £120,000 per week to rent! It opened up a world that was com­pletely alien to me. I walked into this world of multi-mil­lion­aires. So I started shoot­ing these in­te­ri­ors: move those flow­ers, puff that pil­low up. There are no bl­iz­zards, no cliffs to fall off; it was a piece of cake! While we were shoot­ing they were test­ing the chefs out on us. These chalets have fully trained chefs and they’d feed us like they’d feed the clients. I’d go home half a stone heav­ier. I was asked to shoot some of the food as well, so I started shoot­ing food and putting it on the web­site and it all took off from there. I have a job next week, if it comes off, for Nestlé in Switzer­land. Last week I was shoot­ing Sun­day lunches for Whit­bread. It’s great cash.

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