The size of your sen­sor will af­fect your im­ages – here’s how…

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01 FX or DX?

Nikon SLRs fea­ture two sizes of sen­sor, FX full frame) and DX (crop, or APS-C). The FX sen­sor is es­sen­tially the same size as a shot taken on 35mm film, and is mainly fit­ted to pro­fes­sional mod­els. The DX sen­sor is 15.8x23.6mm, and fea­tures on most of the more af­ford­able Nikons.

02 See the dif­fer­ence

This size dif­fer­ence has several ef­fects, but the main one is to do with how much of a scene you can in­clude with a par­tic­u­lar fo­cal length lens, known as the field of view. Us­ing the same fo­cal length lens, the FX sen­sor will give you a wider field of view than the DX one.

03 Mix and match

This ef­fect is known as the ‘crop fac­tor’. In the case of DX cam­eras the crop fac­tor is 1.5x, so you have to mul­ti­ply the fo­cal length of an FX lens by 1.5 to get its ef­fec­tive fo­cal length when used on a DX cam­era. An FX cam­era will go into crop mode when a DX lens is fit­ted to it.

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