Nikon SB-910 vs SB-700

These are Nikon’s most se­ri­ous Speed­lights – but what are the real dif­fer­ences be­tween these two flash hot­shot ac­ces­sories?

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Key dif­fer­ences

01 Both flash­guns have heads that ro­tate through 360° and tilt through 97°. How­ever, the SB-910 has a greater au­to­zoom range – 17-200mm on an FX cam­era (11-135mm on DX). The mo­torised zoom head on the SB-700 goes from 24-120mm for FX (16-80mm on DX).

02 The SB-910 of­fers a small but sig­nif­i­cant power boost over its sib­ling. Mea­sur­ing out­put with the zoom head at 35mm in FX mode, the Guide Num­ber is 34 (me­tres at ISO100), com­pared with 28 on the SB-700.

03 Both flash­guns are usu­ally pow­ered by four AA cells, but only the SB-910 has a con­nec­tor to al­low it to hook up to an ex­ter­nal power pack.

04 With more power and zoom range comes added bulk. The SB-910 weighs 510g with bat­ter­ies, com­pared to 450g for the SB-700. Di­men­sions are 78x145x113mm for the 910, and a sleeker 71x126x104mm for the 700.

05 Only the SB-910 of­fers a stro­bo­scopic Re­peat­ing Flash mode.

06 The SB-910 of­fers wire­less con­trol over three groups of re­mote flash­guns, the SB-700 al­lows two groups.

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