Nikon MC-30A £68, $65

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Nikon has de­signed this re­mote con­troller to match its high­est­per­form­ing cam­eras like the D4s. As such, it boasts fully pro build qual­ity, but is only com­pat­i­ble with cam­eras that have 10-pin con­nec­tors. The con­troller unit feels rugged and ro­bust, and the 80cm con­nec­tion ca­ble is heavy-duty. Mean­while, the lock­able two-stage shut­ter but­ton has an ex­cel­lent and pre­cise feel to it, un­like that of the cheaper MC-DC2 con­troller.

How­ever, while per­for­mance and build qual­ity are ex­cel­lent, the price is very steep for what is, es­sen­tially, an ex­tremely ba­sic re­mote con­troller. It lacks any ad­vanced func­tions what­so­ever, look­ing some­thing of a poor re­la­tion to the Hama DCCS Timer Re­mote and Phot­tix TR-90, both of which are rather cheaper.

It’s very ro­bust and sim­ple to use but, ul­ti­mately, it’s a very ba­sic con­troller for up­mar­ket cam­eras

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