Tak­ing shots from mov­ing ve­hi­cles

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Use a zoom lens ‑ it’s eas­ier t o zoom t o ge t the com­posi t ion you wan t than t o move the ve­hi­cle

Nikon ‘VR’ lenses, Sigma ‘OS’ lenses and Tam­ron ‘VC’ lenses can de tec t the vi­bra t ion of a mov­ing ve­hi­cle and com­pensa te for i t

Newer Nikon lenses can have an ‘Ac t ive mode’ tha t’s even be t ter a t com­pensa t ing for mo­tion

Make sure you’re se­curely belted in!

At tach your Nikon to a strap so you can’t drop i t ou t of the ve­hi­cle

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