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We wanted to fin­ish with a shot of ‘a man in his shed’ but it was ob­vi­ous that the ex­ist­ing light­ing wasn’t go­ing to be enough on its own be­cause our model, Paul, would be in shadow. Dave rigged up one of his Pro­foto lights out of shot in­side the shed so that it cast a pool of light on to Paul’s face. I didn’t re­ally know where to start with the ex­po­sure un­til Steve ex­plained it in sim­ple terms – I should ad­just the ex­po­sure with­out the light switch on, so that the sky and the shed were a lit­tle dark, then switch on the light and ad­just its strength to get the right bal­ance. You can’t con­trol the nat­u­ral light, so you con­trol the flash in­stead.

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