It’s no longer easy to earn money from stock, but per­se­ver­ance can pay off

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‘There’s no money in stock any more.’ That’s a clas­sic com­plaint, but shoot­ing stock can still pro­vide a steady in­come.

“For shoot­ing stock and com­mis­sioned work you need to have a drive within you that is all-con­sum­ing,” says David Ti­pling. “It’s no good not fan­cy­ing early morn­ings or opt­ing to go out to the pub when the light is beau­ti­ful. You need per­se­ver­ance, an abil­ity to de­velop a recog­nis­able style as far as pos­si­ble, to be pre­pared for con­stant knock backs and to de­velop a busi­ness brain.

“Fi­nally, if you’re go­ing to rely on stock you need to have a tightly edited col­lec­tion of a few thou­sand pic­tures earn­ing in­come be­fore you go pro.”

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